Morgan’s thoughts on her first facial in Wilmington, NC

Morgan’s thoughts on her first facial in Wilmington, NC

There are countless skincare treatments out there, but few work as hard as the Fire and Ice facial. It’s one of our favorites when it comes to addressing many of the main skin concerns. Exfoliating, hydrating, and healing, the Fire and Ice Facial works wonders – and with minimal downtime, it’s hard not to see the major benefits of this treatment!

Morgan recently got to experience the duality of the Fire and Ice Facial, and couldn’t wait to share her thoughts with us. Read on to learn more about this powerful treatment we can’t get enough of.

First off, what is a Fire and Ice Facial?

Often referred to as the "Hollywood Red Carpet Facial," because it instantly enhances skin to make you camera-ready – even if you’re just staying at home. The treatment gets its name from two contrasting masks: a rejuvenating "fire" mask that warms and a soothing "ice" mask.(1) These masks work together to bring you a brighter, dewy complexion that’s sure to turn heads.

What does the Fire and Ice Facial treat?

Most clients that come to us are focused on treating similar concerns: dull skin, fine lines, and texture – just to name a few. Only a handful of treatments can treat as much as the Fire and Ice facial. This hard-working mask duo can help address:


  • Dull Skin: Over time, dead skin cells accumulate on the skin's surface, leading to that lackluster, dull appearance we’ve all experienced.
  • Sun Damage: Cellular turnover is yet another key to success in treating sun damage. By increasing cellular turnover, we can also help diminish pesky sunspots.
  • Fine Lines: By stimulating collagen production, it subtly softens the appearance of fine lines in as little as one treatment.
  • Texture: With the intense exfoliation of the “fire” mask, we can smooth the texture on the face, leaving you with a softer complexion.



The Benefits of the Fire and Ice Facial:

The Fire and Ice Facial goes beyond addressing your skin concerns – it leaves you with a gorgeous complexion you can’t wait to show off. When you get a Fire and Ice Facial, you’ll enjoy:


  • Enhanced Circulation: The "fire" component boosts blood flow, enriching skin cells with essential nutrients. (2)
  • Deep Hydration: The "ice" phase ensures deep hydration, addressing and preventing skin dryness.
  • Texture Improvement: These masks provide intense exfoliation and cellular turnover, which melts dead skin to reveal your beautiful, luminous complexion underneath!
  • Brighter Complexion: One of the standout results is the immediate, vibrant post-treatment glow.


So, Is There Downtime?

There’s something beautiful about treatments that have virtually zero downtime.


Date night? Fire and Ice Facial.

Special event? Fire and Ice Facial.

Classes later? Fire and Ice Facial.

Nothing at all on the calendar? Fire and Ice Facial.


What we’re saying is, the Fire and Ice Facial is perfect for any occasion because there’s zero downtime. So whether you have somewhere to be or nowhere at all, you can resume your day immediately after treatment. Just another reason we love this facial!


A Conversation With Morgan - Her First Facial Experience (Ever!!):


We love an in-depth review from someone who’s been there. So we recently asked Morgan to share her thoughts on the Fire and Ice facial. It was her first facial ever and we couldn’t wait to hear about her experience at Self Skin Studio in Wilmington, NC.

Q: Why did you want to try the Fire and Ice Facial?


Morgan: “I was concerned about my skin's texture and my noticeable sun damage. I’m from Wilmington, NC, and have always been a beach girl so I’ve accumulated some hyperpigmentation over the years.”


Q: What was the treatment process like?


Morgan: "Being my first facial, I didn’t know what to expect, but the entire Self team put me at ease. The first part, the resurfacing mask, brought a little warmth, but it was completely manageable and smelled delicious – it seriously smells like fall! The massage and ice mask were so refreshing.”

Q: What did you notice after your Fire and Ice Facial at Self Skin Studio?


Morgan: "The results are amazing! My skin feels incredibly smooth, and there's a visible glow to my skin. I'm already marking my calendar for my next facial at Self."


Fire and Ice Facial at Self Skin Studio in Wilmington, NC


The Fire and Ice Facial isn't just a skincare treatment; it's a gateway to radiant, rejuvenated skin. With its harmonious blend of "fire" and "ice," this facial offers a unique experience that goes beyond the surface. It exfoliates gently, stimulates cellular renewal, provides intense hydration, and gives your skin a vibrant glow.


Your journey to radiant skin begins with a thoughtful consultation, ensuring that the facial is tailored to your unique needs. To get results like Morgan’s, schedule your Fire and Ice Facial now and unveil the beauty that lies within. It's time to embrace the glistening complexion and confidence you deserve. Your skin will thank you for it!




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