Loyalty Points: Earn Reward Points for Botox, Hydrafacial, Dysport, and More!

All About Loyalty Programs- Aspire, Alle, and MyBeautyHealth

At Self Skin Studio, we're passionate about providing our clients with the ultimate skin care experience. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the three loyalty rewards programs that we offer in our studio, designed to make your favorite in-office treatments even more rewarding. The programs we offer- Alle, Hydrafacial’s My Beauty Health, and Aspire, offer unique benefits and savings on the treatments you love, ensuring every visit to our studio leaves you glowing.

1. Alle for Botox and Juvederm

For those who adore Allergan products like Juvederm and Botox, Alle is your gateway to exclusive savings. This program is designed to reward you for every treatment you receive. With Alle, every 100 points you accumulate from Botox or Juvederm products, can be converted into $10 towards any Alle Brand treatment. To sign up for Alle, join here

2. MyBeautyHealth for Hydrafacial

MyBeautyHealth is more than just a loyalty program—it's your companion in achieving and maintaining radiant skin. Tailored for everyone, from first-time glow-seekers to Hydrafacial veterans, MyBeautyHealth rewards you every step of the way. Upon downloading the MyBeautyHealth app, creating an account, and completing a skin quiz, you instantly earn 150 loyalty points. These points can be immediately redeemed for a $15 discount on your next Hydrafacial treatment at any participating provider. Every subsequent Hydrafacial treatment garners another 150 points, ensuring your pathway to skin health is both rewarding and enjoyable. Download the My Beauty Health app on your phone to begin receiving rewards.

3. Aspire for Restylane and Dysport

Aspire caters specifically to the Restylane portfolio, offering an immediate welcome savings of $20 upon membership. Like a true friend, Aspire doesn't stop there; for every 100 points earned, you enjoy $10 of valuable savings on the treatments you know and love. To sign up for Aspire, join here

How It Works:

Joining the loyalty programs is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Sign up for the rewards program of your choice - Alle, MyBeautyHealth, or Apsire

2. Receive treatments

3. Receive rewards

It’s a seamless process that enriches your beauty regimen, ensuring every treatment not only enhances your natural beauty but also brings additional value through savings and rewards.

Why Join Loyalty Programs?

- Instant Rewards: Enjoy immediate benefits from the moment you join. With Alle, MyBeautyHealth and Apsire you earn points instantly after you set up your profile.

- Exclusive Savings: Get access to exclusive discounts on your favorite treatments.

- Perfect fit: Whether you adore a Hydrafacial or a lover of Botox, there’s a program perfectly suited to you.

Have questions about Aspire, Alle or MyBeautyHealth? Reach out to us.

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